RINOCARE: Why the Republican Bill is “Repeal In Name Only”

The current legislation is a far cry from “full repeal” of the Affordable Care Act. In fact, the Republican’s full strategy to implement a replacement actually uses much of the language passed by the Obama administration.


Open Enrollment: Answers to your Top 5 Questions

Happy Open Enrollment Day! November 1st marks the start of the forth open enrollment period for President Obama’s Health Insurance Marketplaces. That means from today until January 31st, an estimated 10 million Americans who had coverage in 2016 will be able to renew their health plans online and an additionally 3.5 million Americans that still…

“Healthcare…It’s On Aisle 7”

In 2014, almost everyone must buy health insurance or face tax penalties. Health Exchanges serve as the vehicle for consumers to buy health plans via a state-run website. New York recently shared their intentions for their State-based Health Exchange website. It looks very similar to the user experience of a Travelocity.com or Expedia.com. A user can enroll with a log…